Switches and Plugs

Why you should hire a professional to replace light switches & plugs.

  Replacing light switches and plugs may sound like a straightforward task to be handled by you or your spouse on a free Saturday, but don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you! Most switches and plugs have wires running through them that control dozens of other devices around your house, sometimes in seemingly unrelated areas. A switch or plug installed incorrectly can lead to many areas of your house losing power or create an unforeseen safety hazard and is best left to someone trained to recognize such hazards 

Signs that Your Plugs & Switches Need Replacement


Heavily used plugs where space heaters or other high wattage devices may become loose or show browning around the socket.

An obsolete outlet might also lose power, either partially or completely when someone plugs an appliance into it

If your home is older it may contain 2-pronged outlets that do not accommodate modern 3-pronged outlets and should be replaced as using adapters on such outlets bypass important safety measures designed into your equipment.

If you hear a hiss or crackling sound, there may be a loose wire or the device is beginning to fail.

A worn outlet loses its ability to hold on to an appliance plug; in other words, the plug will simply fall out of the outlet with very little intervention


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